Prop H8: Child brides, YES! Gay marriage, NO!

dsc_02121Wednesday evening, I was at the first New York City demonstration against  California’s Proposition 8 (for those of you who do not know, California voted in the November 4 election to ban LGBT marriages). The Mormons spent $22 million on a their heterosexist campaign!

These are images from Wednesday night’s demonstration and march. According to organizers, 13,000 people showed up for the march. Whoopi Goldberg, Mark Shaiman (HAIRSPRAY), Gerard Allesandrini (FORBIDDEN BROADWAY), comedian Judy Gold and others where there to show their support.

And… oh, yes… my favorite chant of the night: 

“What do we want?!”


“When do we want it?!”


Click here to visit the gallery.

104 images.

P.S. The View used one of these photos today for their first “Hot Topic.” Click here to watch the clip.


  1. Exactly! Why is it that the Mormons can marry each others’ children, but have to meddle in everyone else’s business??

    Thanks for keeping the issue alive. We’re doing a nationwide protest this Saturday, too.

  2. yay BOB you are a maverick

  3. Okay, my favorite is definitely Thou shalt not be mean to gays…some of us wear special underwear too. Almost spit out my drink. Great shots by the way!

  4. Great shots culturepress!

    Here’s some more from my flickr:

  5. Why does the headline say Child Brides yes? What is the basis of that Headline???

  6. The headline I used was intended to be ironic.

    The mormons are known not just for their polygamous past but, also, marrying child brides (if you consider a 14-year-old to be a child). If you Google “mormons and child brides” you’ll come upon a little bit of the history.

    Here’s one link I found: that was especially interesting:

    So, because the Mormons spent more than $20 million promoting Prop 8, I thought it was important to point out that although Mormons think marriage between lesbians and gays will bring the world to an end, some of the Mormon’s practices are much more offensive than two loving adults (regardless of their genders) joining together in marriage.

    Another fun Mormon fact: Did you know that the Mormon-operated hotel chain, Marriott, makes millions of dollars each year by offering and selling pornographic movies in their hotel rooms?

  7. @Jason: WOW, you’ve got some awesome shots from the NYC protest! Thanks for posting the link!

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